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Shopping in J Heights

It’s Friday night. Had a long day at work…eyes bleary from staring at the computing machine. What to do? Shopping you say? Yes, may I have more please?! Anyhoo, I was considering stopping by the Steve Alan sale. But didn’t feel like trekking all da way to the UWS. And since I hadn’t stopped by one of my reg haunting spots for a while, I decided take a trip to 82nd St and Roosevelt. Yups. If you haven’t been to Jackson Heights, you should go at least once. Granted it’s not the prettiest place in ny. It’s no Mahdison Ahhvenuu. Yet, I find it charming in its own way (although you don’t want to stay there too late- stabbings are not so rare in the neighborhood per my ER doctor friend @ Elmhurst Hospital). JHeights is probably one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the most diverse borough in ny – excellent Indian, Colombian, Mexican, and Chinese food.

Back to shopping…I stopped in Cool Jeans, which sells overstock from various retailers (I’ve found mostly Old Navy, Ann Klein, Target, Eddie Bauer…and once Catherine Malandrino!) and was rather disappointed by the selection. It was mostly T Shirts and tanks (though at $6 very affordable – good to go for basics) I’m guessing that the Loehmann’s and Sims have purchased most of the overstock that has been available. Also, there’s been an overload of sample sales, so it’s understandable.

I stopped by another store close to Cool Jeans and browsed and found an adorable sleeveless v neck dress with sequins down the center for $6.99! They had it in burgundy, black and purple. I bought the black and purple ones. $14 for 2 cute dresses – can’t go wrong with that 🙂

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