Vera Wang Lavender Sample Sale

Vera Wang Lavender Sale

I went to the Vera Wang Lavender Sample Sale Thursday Night. It wasn’t too crowded and there were dressing rooms! That was a good surprise because last time I went to a clothingline sale, they wouldn’t let anyone try anything on! The dresses were organized by size. They had a cute selection of cocktail dresses for $99, which was not bad. My fav was the strapless purple floral dress (sorry for the fuzziness – darn unsteady hand + cell phone camera). The one shoulder lavender dress is more lavender than blue. Anyhow, I didn’t get anything. But if you are looking for an affordable special occasion dress, it might be a good idea to take a look at it.

T Shirts $29

Tops/Flat Knits $49
Shorts $39
Skirts $39
Pants $59
Blazers $89
Coats $139
Jumpers/Day Dresses $79
Party/Cocktail Dress $99
Gowns $149

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