Shopping J Heights Part Dos

I hadn’t been in the neighborhood in while and was surprised to see Beverly Boutique (37-46 82nd St) has expanded and taken over KB toys. I guess business is still good for some retailers. I’ve never bought anything from there. Most of their items are very polester (not that there is anything wrong with polyester). But since they had grand opening signs, I decided to take a look.

I noticed that they were continuing the 80’s trend with plenty of neon colors. And not only did they do neon, they decided to throw in checks, stripes, plaid and ruffles.Actually the orange checkered halter was what drew me into the store…like a moth heading toward flames. Seriously, though it’s a fun top. I also like the striped halter below. I wasn’t huge fan of these sleeveless dresses. Don’t think they would work on me…but someone else could rock it.
Neon plaid shirts…

Tangerine hi-liter orange has always been one of my favorite colors 😛

One of the non-neon merchandise…
A PVC motorcycle jacket that was kind of cute. I think it was going for $54.95. Most of the tops were were around $25. Not bad for a trendy piece, but of course the price also reflect quality.

A colorful filmy top. I wonder if this 80’s or 70’s psychedelic?

I think this is supposed to be a bandage dress.

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