Oh white dress, so sweet and reasonable

I stopped by the Lia Kes Sample Sale and bought 2 items. A nice black wool blend blazer with a silk lining for $50. Not bad for a blazer. Not super cheap for a sample sale, but a decent price for a tailored blazer that fit me very well. I also found a very cute white cotton lace dress that came with a black polyester slip. It was way overpriced at $50 and made in China, but I couldn’t resist because it fit so well and came with an adorable ruffled necklace. I reasoned to myself that I would be wearing it many times this summer, so that would be worth the $50. I also convinced myself that technically, I bought 2 dresses for $50 since I could probably wear the slip with other articles of clothing. So with this reasoning, I really just spent $25 per dress. I’m a very reasonable and convincing person.

I seem to putting together a lot of white and black outfits lately. I bought this Catherine Malandrino white cotton mesh dress last summer (amazingly for $6 at an overstock place in Jackson Heights). I wasn’t sure how to wear it when I tried it on with a black v neck shirt and black belt. This makes it a bit “edgier” I guess. The wonderful thing about this dress is that it’s so versatile and can be combined with other colors. I’m very excited about my white dresses this year 🙂

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