baker boots jean jacket nicole farhi white ruffle dress

White dresses and ruffles

Ahh…spring. Time to bring out the dresses. I’m especially enamored this time of year with white and beige dresses. I know they’re typical of the summer, but why not start now? I was inspired by a picture in Refinery 29 of Louise Ebel who writes the blog Pandora. I love how her flouncy soft dress goes with the more structured jacket. I found a Liz Claiborne white linen ruffle skirt that I bought on sale for under $15 about 2 years ago. I never wore it because I thought it was a bit matronly. It was going to be donated, but after seeing the picture of Louise, I realized I could make the skirt a dress. I also love the contrast of the white dress against the black stockings. Anyhow, here’s my version:

Nicole Farhi Jean Jacket (thrifted), Liz Claiborne Skirt worn as dress, Betsy Johnson Belt, Hanes tights, Bakers boots, bracelet from India (gift from cousin), silver hoops from aunt, amber ring from aunt.

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