mad hatting

Lately, I’ve been really into covering up my head. I had bought a cool floppy straw hat while visiting my friend in Virginia at a boutique called South Moon Under for $21. A little pricey for a straw hat, but I liked the texture (usually straw hats are rough, but this was smooth) and it had striped ribbon running through. And for someone who is deathly afraid of the onset of wrinkles, I’m looking forward to having the extra coverage from the sun.

A few days ago, I was waiting for my friend around Astor Place and decided to check out K-mart. They had a collection of hats that were priced at 9.99 but were 20% off, so were actually 7.99. They weren’t as soft as the one I bought in DC. But, not bad. for 8 bucks.

I liked the white had with the bright colorful trim.

Very 80’s. Blossom?

Turquoise and orange beading on derby hat.

This made my head look big. But good coverage from sun.

You can’t really tell from this pic, but this standard straw hat had gold sparkly stripes.

Ok, not a hat. But I did try it on at a hat store along 7th St around Soho. Fun 🙂

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