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The Nail Files: Dipped in chocolate or Mercury

So, I’m mad at myself because I wrote this long ass post and deleted it by mistake. I’ll try and keep this short (ha!). I was looking for a the perfect shade of brown/burgundy/plum that I had spotted on a girl while I was riding the subway a few months ago. I did my google research and found OPI’s “I’m fondue of you”, described as the most “luscious shade of chocolate”. However, at 7.50 + 4.25 shipping, I wanted to see the shade in person. I went to several stores and couldn’t find it. Instead, I purchased Color Club’s “Haute Couture” for 2.99 at an UWS convenience store (2269 Broadway). The pic does not do the polish justice (darn camera phone!).


In my research, I chanced upon, a virtual library of different brands and shades of varnishes. I read through her top 20 shades for 2008 and one particularly stood out to me, Kaleidoscope by Chanel. I’m not a huge nail polish person, but the sparkly metallic really popped out for me (yes, blingly, but I love it). It also reminded me of the MINX nails that I saw in the recent April Vogue. Minx nails are coverings that “won’t chip, because they’re made of film” and “won’t damage since they’re chemical free”. Plus No Drying Time. How awesome is that?! It sounds all wonderful and dandy. However, according to the minx nails website, only a dozen salons have this product available in NY State. Now, you know that means exorbitant prices, which sucks big time :P. Now, back to varnishes…Kaleidoscope, is sadly not availabe in the US. But it is available on ebay at 34.95 + $5 shipping = $40 for nail polish! Rather luxurious nail polish. Is it worth it? That, I’m not so sure, but I am tempted. Fortunately, polishaddict offers some alternatives.

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