Alexander McQueen Daffy's Golden JUMP Sneakers Target

My evening was golden

After work, I had a lovely dinner with one of my best buddies at an Elmhurst Malaysian Restaurant, Taste Good. I’ve lived in Queens for over 10 years, and sadly, only learned of TG when a Malaysian friend recommended it last year, and since then I’ve been hooked on their tasty goodness. I feel like Alice who just fell down the rabbit hole and entered an enchanted world because I’ve passed by sooo many times and had no idea it existed. It’s really a hole in the wall, so you know that it’ll be good. Anyhow, afterwards we headed to Quickly. I ordered a Peach Yogurt drink, and wasn’t too impressed. Althought I did get a sugar high.

Then onto DSW to Queens Place. I saw a gazillion gladiator sandals. I like them now, but I think I might be sick of seeing them by the end of this summer. Next stop was Daffy’s. I’ve never bought any shoes from Daffy’s, because they always look interesting, but never quite comfortable. But these golden sneakers by JUMP caught my eye and I fell in love. The color is just the perfect shade of gold. There were also patent silver ones that looked great as well. Originally $80, marked down to $26.99 and leather upper. Bargain!

Wool Blend Jacket from PeachFrog, Younique Knit Grey Top, Kenneth Cole Wool Blend Dress, Grey Tights, Belt, My brother’s socks, JUMP Carter sneakers.

We also decided to stop by Target, since I read on Racked that there were discounts on the Alexander McQueen items, including a cropped leather jacket for $34.99, which actually turned out to be a leather vest. I tried on a small which hung loosely on me and didn’t look too great. I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be loose, but I wasn’t crazy about it.

I also saw these fun netted leggings for $12, but didn’t get them because I didn’t like the seams. But thought they would be great for layering.

Me browsing the racks for goodies.

Good company, Good food, Good Golden Shoes…what more can you ask for on a Friday Night? 🙂

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