dolce vita tashkent Jack boot tucker

$158 boot vs. $367 boot

No, I did not spend over $300 for a pair of boots. Those are retail prices and I paid steep discounts. Here’s my (longwinded) story.

I stopped by the free spa event yesterday at Vada Spa yesterday. The wait was long for the services, so I opted instead for the raincheck. Since I was in the area, I decided to check out the local Urban Outfitters, which I hadn’t been in for a long time. I tried on a few of their items from the sales rack, including a super soft checked shirt dress. Alas, they did not have my size. Then, I noticed a wardrobe filled with shoes and boots with a large sign that read $49 and under – Jackpot!

I scooped up these brown leather “Tucker” boots by Dolce Vita for $20 (originally $158). Since, the weather is still relatively cool, I think I’ll get to wear it a few times before it’s officially summer. I also bought a black pair for my mother. However when she tried it on, we realized that there were 2 pairs of the right shoe!?? I have to go back and see if they have the left side.

Tucker (DV by Dolce Vita)

Anyhow, my mother also commented how they look like a pair of Tashkent boots I own. In fact, she thought that they looked better. Although at a glance, the boots may look similar, they are very different. The Tashkents are over the knee and made of much softer and luxurious leather and have the wonderful zip in front. It’s very unique, and I haven’t seen many like it. The leather on the Tuckers are definitely a bit more rough, and the buckle jingles slightly when I’m walking. But for $20, I’m not complaining. I might even be wearing my DV’s more than my Tashkent, because I’m afraid of wearing out the Jack. I bought the Tashkent’s at a sample sale for $150 (online for $367 which is still discounted). Although for some, a buck and a half is nothing. But for me, it’s still a splurge and whenever I scuff it, I feel a little twinge in my heart. Perhaps I should save it for special occasions, save it as an art piece and pass it down to my future children? Hmmm…no definitely meant to be worn lovingly.

Jack by Tashkent

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