Argan Oil Kiehl's Skin Salve L'oreal Sample Sale

L’oreal Event

I went to Urban Outfitters after work and tried to get my mother her left boot. But unfortunately, they did not have one and so I just returned it. I guess that’s what happens when you shop clearance sales. Anyhow, decided to take a peek at the L’oreal Event that I saw posted on Madison Avenue Spy. I’m a fan of La Roche Posay, and wanted to see if they had the SPF 50 sunscreen products available…sadly no. But they did have a whole slew of SPF 15 products and other items. They also had a lot different perfumes, lipsticks from different brands. I went a little crazy on the products, but figure I won’t need to purchase beauty products for this year.

Some items I wound up getting were Mela-D for $20 (retail $49.50), Biomedic Retinal 30 fo $20 (Retail $47.75-$54), and Biomedic Facial Shield for $16 (orig $37.50). I also bought Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Skin Salve with Argan Oil ($12 – orig $25) which smelled absolutely delicious. I dabbed it on my cuticles and kept on sniffing my fingers on my subway ride home. I also kept on nodding off because I was feeling exhausted. I probably looked a bit nutty, but that’s what I love about NY: the freedom to sniff my fingers without any strange looks from fellow passengers on my commute home.

*Edit* When I made the purchases on Thursday, everything was discounted an additional 20%. On Friday, the discount dropped to 30%. I wonder if they will drop it again before the final day of sale on Sunday?

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