Sauna Spa Castle Whitestone

Spa Mama

As a Mother’s day treat, I dragged my mom to Spa Castle in Whitestone, Queens this past Saturday. Yes, I had to drag the crazy woman (love you, mom!), because my mom who is super frugal (I can not compare), tried to deter me from spending money on her. She kept on insisting that she would prefer a potted plant, because it would be a more tangible gift. It took quite an effort to convince her to go the spa. I refused to tell her the cost because she would have balked at the $45 entrance fee (which is really a bargain). The morning of, she even brought up the possibility of catching swine flu at such a public space. But since the tickets were..ahem nonrefundable (lil white lie), we had no choice but to go. And guess what? No, she wouldn’t admit that she loved it. But she did say it was better than the trip we to took to DC recently. And going once a year for a special occasion would be ok. Now, that’s great coming from my mother! 🙂

The spa is barely a year old, so everything was new, clean, and state of the art. The place was huuge! After paying the entrance fee, we were given wrist bands that were digital keys to our assigned lockers. When we entered the locker room, we saw tiny lockers and were concerned because they looked too small to fit our clothing. It turned out that these lockers were for shoes (silly us, there was also a huge sign that read SHOES in front of the lockers). Connected to the woman’s locker room, were the unisex heated pools, where most women soaked in their birthday suits. It didn’t bother me, but mom was a little uncomfortable with the nekkidness. Thankfully, on the other levels, women wore their orange and pink uniforms or bathing suits.
There were different themed saunas (gold, jade, salt, yellow earth, LED lights, and infrared light). I don’t remember what the benefits were for each item. I think salt helps with removal of toxins. But there was a sign that explained everything. We didn’t spend much time at the saunas because they were extremely hot (130 F and above), and my mother couldn’t bear it. But we did spend a good amount of time at the outdoor jacuzzi and pools. The pools were wonderful, because you could sit back in the heated water, touch a button and jets of water would massage your feet, back, neck, etc. All the tension from my back and shoulders just melted away. When we left, we were really relaxed and well…sleepy. The spa had sleeping areas, but by the afternoon, it became very crowded and noisy. All in all, I recommend going for a relaxing day. My only complaint: the exorbitant prices for food! $8 for a small frozen yogurt is robbery!!! Also, it gets crowded, so early in the day is a better bet.

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