j brand jeans target sandals white lace cardigan

Black jeans and lace

I actually wore this ensemble last Friday, but didn’t have a chance to post it. I love my black jeans but I wasn’t sure what to wear with it. My mom just handed me this pretty white lace cardigan which I wore over a black cami. The tough black jeans and delicate white lace were a nice contrast, and I added the red sandals to make the outfit a little more interesting. I think this outfit cost under $30 (not counting my glasses) because my shoes were from target, my jeans were thrifted and my belt was from daffy’s. Anyhow, I love lace and am going to try to incorporate it more into my outfits.

J Brand jeans (thrifted), white lace cardi (Design 90), black cami from the ABC store in JHeights, red leather Target wedge sandals, purple glass pendant from Disney World.

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