J. Mendel Lisner

Weddings are Beautiful

I just got back from a beautiful wedding in Pa. I love weddings! When I saw my lovely friend, Anna, walk down the aisle, I felt goosebumps and my eyes started to well up. She looked absolutely gorgeous! It was my first time attending a Jewish wedding, and I felt so honored to have been there. It was fascinating to see the exchange of the wedding rings on the index finger and the breaking of the glass. The energy was wonderful and joyous. Everyone danced to the hora and the laughing bride and groom sat on chairs and that were hoisted onto dancing people’s shoulders. They looked like they were enjoying themselves immensely. I was sad that I couldn’t stay longer because my ride had to get back to NY early. But at least I got to say Mazel Tov!

Now onto my outfit 🙂 I was also glad that I finally had a chance to wear my J. Mendel dress that had been sitting in my closet for a few months. That’s right. J. MENDEL. Usually you see their dresses on starlets in US weekly and they retail in the thousands. But I was able to score one at a Patti Rose sample sale this past February for $25. Yeps. I think it may have been worn by a model though because there is a little stain, that thankfully is not too noticeable. I paired it with a black lace shrug (bought in China) for modesty. Vintage Lisner Necklace from NY Flea Market (I’ll have to post close ups later because it is beeyooteefull). Sparkly flower shaped CZ earrings. Alfani Sandals.

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