Alexander McQueen frye sandals heels

New Heights

One of the things that I love about summer is wearing sandals and being able to wriggle my bare toes in the sun and wind. I try to extend going sockless as long as possible. And since it was in the mid 60’s this past Saturday, I decided to break out the Frye “Grace” sandals that I had bought at the W Hotel Sample Sale (retail $228 – purchased for $50). They are the tallest heels I’ve ever purchased at a whopping 5″. The 1.25″ platform made them surprisingly comfortable….yes, comfy for about an hour and a half. I was proud that I was able to maneuver up and down the the subway from Queens to Manhattan (although we missed a train or 2). But once we got to central park and my bf wanted to climb the man made molehills that felt like mountains, my ankles started wobbling and and I hobbled for the rest of the day.
Recently, there was an article in the NYtimes about how women love their heels (see below for the 12 inch heel a la Alexander McQueen) even though heels cause women to have foot pain as they advance in age. I don’t know how the fashionistas do it. I can picture them mocking me now with my meager 5 inch platforms. I have to admit that heels can be glamorous, they make my legs look long and slim (although the 12 inchers are just crazy). I certainly can’t do it every day, but for about a good hour and half, I felt “graceful”. But then graceful turned to painful. And I decided it wasn’t a bad idea to put them away until next summer.

Source: NYTimes

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