Alisha Trimble Bryant Park Fashion Show Stella Zotis

Stella Zotis and Alisha Trimble Show

I had the opportunity to go the Stella Zotis and Alisha Trimble Show Wednesday night at the Cellar Bar in the Bryant Park Hotel. It was my first fashion show ever, so I was uber excited! I thought I had a decent spot of the catwalk until the venue became even more crowded, and a man with big hair decided he wanted to stand in front of me. But, all in all a fun show and fun crowd. It was also really difficult for me to get a good photo. I mostly got blurred shots of models’ backs and a few videos. I took some pictures of interesting looking people. As you can see (or not see) from the blurry photos, there was a lot of studs, spikes, and studs! I loved it. Time for me to buy some studs 🙂 Check out my complete review on Runway Passport.

The crowd awaits
Someone with interesting hair

Inna, a model, who attended the show

I love the spikes!

Totally don’t remember what I was trying to shoot in this photo, but I like how it turned out!

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