Japan Fashion Week Designer Preview in NY

I had the opportunity to be a dresser for the first time ever for Japan Fashion Week this past Thursday. It was a fun experience. The call time was 5:30pm but I arrived around 5pm. I was given a staff pass and got to witness all the backstage magic. Make up and hair people were teasing and brushing hair. Photographers were milling about taking pictures. I witnessed the doe eyed models grazing at the small table stocked with sandwiches, a veggie platter, cheese platter, and plate of brownies and cookies (which I happily partook of).

There were racks of clothing separated by designer and I was assigned to Aptform, a menswear line designed by a Greek designer based in Tokyo. I was paired with Diane, an experienced dresser, who was really helpful and nice. I helped bring some of the clothing to be steamed. Then we made sure we had all the different clothing for the 5 looks. Actually it was difficult because the pictures were dark and the clothes were mixed up. Finally our models came one by one and we helped them with their respective outfits.

The models were nice, polite, and super cute too (of course). Apparently, male models can be easier to deal with than female models sometimes, because they prefer to put on some things on by themselves. The show was actually a 2 hour presentation so we had 15 – 20 minutes in between changes and only one of the model had 2 looks. The typical runway show is a lot shorter, so the changes would be much quicker and more hectic. Perfect for a first timer like me.

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