I was afraid of trees this weekend. Specifically the trees in Central Park. I know this is morbid, but I heard someone was hurt recently from a snow laden branch crashing down on them and sustained some head injuries. Luckily, my friend used to be a park ranger who was trained to recognize the sound of creaky branches. Anyhow, I wasn’t going to let the snow stop me from having a fun weekend. I put on me galoshes and went splashing about town. First stop was Central Park, where the scenery was beautiful and I made some new friends.

This guy was hilarious…and his dog was funny too.

Cute tykes. I want a pink onesie and a strawberry hat too!

We also stopped by the Guggenheim museum for the Tino Sehgal’s interactive exhibit. It was interesting – basically the exhibit involved talking with different people as we walked through the guggenheim. The exhibit started off with a little girl asking us what is progress. It was nice to contemplate and our definition of process was working towards something better. We talked about the projects in our lives and I realize that I’m in a state of progress, albeit slow progress. I am trying to better myself and my life. Actually I’m in a state of exploration, which in itself, is frightening and wonderful at the same time. We ended the lovely evening at the romantic Cafe Sabarsky, a German cafe near the museum and had delicious desserts. I would say that is progress.

Viennese hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream…mmm

Rasberry Tart…yum

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