We The People Launch Party & Charming Baker Exhibit

Last Thursday, May 13th, I was invited to the launche party of We the People on 156 Stanton Street. The boutique is a collaborative of new and upcoming designers. The store is a nice space but rather small, so people were overflowing onto the street. I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures but managed to squeeze in a few.
I then stopped by the art gallery next door which was showing the work of Charming Baker. His pieces were well executed, but at the same time had a little “twist” to it. For example, some of his paintings had holes in them, which I found out later were gunshot holes. I especially liked the backgrounds that he used that were sort of wallpaper-like but gave his main subject a slightly-off kilter feel. His art is something I would love to own and hang in my future luxury apartment in my mind (too bad Damien Hirst bought this collection).
Designer Cody Sai

Melany B

Charming Baker

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