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Craigslist Findings

Ah Craigslist, such an awesome site! Although, at times the listings can be a hit or miss, it’s still so useful and even entertaining (ever read the missed connections sections?). My friend, who knows my penchant for vintage clothing, forwarded me a post by a women giving away some of her clothing in exchange for a bottle of wine. She listed that there were some big name designers and mentioned some Levi’s & F21 skinny jeans in my size. I figured, heck why not? So I exchanged a few emails with her, and dropped by her apartment. I handed her an inexpensive bottle of sauvignon and I received a white plastic Key Food bag stuffed with clothing. “There’s a really nice dress, but you’ll probably have to take it in. You’re so tiny!” she said apologetically.

Oh shoot, is any of the clothing going to fit me? I resisted the urge to rip open the bag in front of her. When I got home, I inventoried my goodies. There were no skinny jeans! Disappointment. Bloomingdale’s brown silk and cashmere, fringed scarf. Ok, not my color, but not bad. Giant Banana yellow shirt with rainbow collar that looks like it could fit three of me in there – hmm. Medium Banana Replublic Button shirt…argh…getting worse. So much for “designer” clothing. Where is that dress? Ahh…what’s this I see? A pretty white dress by Floreat? I fear that it will look like a sack on me. But lo and behold, it fits like a glove. Awesomeness! Now to google the retail price…hehe. Krasna Dress from Anthropologie – retail price $188. Cool.

So it was a typical Craigslist experience- a bit of misrepresentation, some weird junk, but luckily I was able to find a little treasure 🙂

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