Fashion Week Pics

Fashion Week Newbie Here. This is my first season attending fashion shows. I admit I was a bit starstruck at times and just loved people watching! A little recap:

Day 1 (Thurs): Not FW related, but went to lunch in Chelsea with my friend. She spotted Blair from GG. How did I miss that?? Started with the Jen Kao Show at Milk Studios. Sexy and young. Saw Jen Kao backstage. Girl is Hot! Girl crush. Ended up at Asia Society for Tokyo Fashion Event. Tired at 10:30. Need to drink more coffee tomorrow!

Day 2 (Friday): Stopped by Nary Manivong in Chelsea. Saw Tommy Hilfiger, but thought he was Ralph Lauren (Fashion oops, did I mention that I’m new at this?). Ally Hilfiger was the stylist for the collection. My friend (Thanks Ayano!) invited me to go with her to Costello Tagliapietra at Milk Studios. My first time attending a show and I’m ecstatic. Standing room only. Realize I’m standing next to Lani from SugarRockCatwalk.com. Cool! Sophisticated, muted colors, great construction! Snapped a pic of Andre Leon Talley who was at show. Went to Midtown to Couture Fashion Show at Waldorf Astoria. Liking the German Designer Moro Moru – colorful and very Parisian. Loving the feathers and flowers in the hair. FNO is crazy! Patty Smyth. Spotted Karl Lagerfeld exiting a limo and entering into Chanel. People going wild and one girl at the door looks teary eyed!!!

Day 3 (Saturday): Vivienne Tam show at Lincoln Center, Serena Williams was backstage. Also saw Kendra Wilkinson with her entourage. Heard Wonder Girls was around, but missed them! Then off to Milk Studio for Altuzarra. Standing outside I see a young girl with a bob wearing glasses. I ask her for a photo and she politely agrees. Then I realize that she’s Tavi!

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