Photos of the Photographers

I had just finished the Diesel show and met a few photographers outside. They were headed to the Donna Karan show, so I tagged along. Outside the Donna Karan Show:
Photo 1: Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist). This was kind of surreal. I thought the photographer looked familiar. When I approached him for a photo, he kindly obliged, and said “That’s fair”. He asked me where I wanted to take it and I pointed toward a sunny spot. He pointed to the spot a few feet away. “How about here? There’s some shade.” “Are you going to take a good photo of me?”, he asked. “I’ll do my best!” I replied, and voila! I just snapped one, since he seemed like he was in a rush!
Photo 2: Paula Renee (No4Corners) and Brittani Sensabaugh (
Photo 3: H.B. Nam (StreetFSN) and Jason Jean (Citizen Couture)
Photo 4 & 5: Bill Cunningham of the NY Times. It was so cool to see him in action! He was super concentrated and immersed in taking photos, so I didn’t want to bother him.

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