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FIT Japan Fashion Now

Last Thursday, September 23rd, my friend Ayano invited me to a reception at the Museum at FIT and I had a chance to see the Japan Fashion Now exhibit. It was a fun event with an open bar and lots of people dressed in amazing outfits. I wish I had snapped more pictures of the people who were in attendance. 

Undercover (Jun Takahashi) Ensemble: Pale blue polyester and cotton, lace, tulle, fur, brass, glass, nylon, rayon, rubber (wow, that’s a mouthful to say!)

White Mountaineering Man’s Ensemble: Green wool, cotton, nylon, neoprene, suede – Fall/Winter 2010-11, Japan – Lent by White Mountaineering

I also took a lot pictures of the out of this world clothing on display, which were just…well you just have to see it. Some of my favorites included a Jellyfish ensemble by Somarta, a creamy sheer concoction of a dress that I would love to wear. The menswear also really impressed me, especially an ensemble by Phenomenon – ankle length pleat shirt underneath a green armadillo-like nylon jacket paired with pants, and these cosmic over the knee silver leather boots. The exhibition also included some ensembles from the 1980’s by Kenzo, Gothic and Lolita dresses as well as avante garde pieces by Issey Miyake and many more designers. If you haven’t had a chance, you definitely need to stop by and check out the extensive exhibit!

Menswear by Phenomenon (Takeshi Osumi): Man’s Ensemble: Green Nylon, cotton, metallic leather, nylon – Fall/Winter 2010 Japan, Lent by Phenomenon

One of my favorites: Jellyfish Ensemble by Somarta – Lent by Soma Design, Ivory Polyester, nylon, Satin Ribbon, Plastic, Brass, leather, Spring/Summer 2009, Japan

Comme des Garçons (Rei Kawakubo) Biker/Ballerina Ensemble
Black Leather, pink and white gingham, tulle
Spring/Summer 2005, Japan – The Museum at FIT Purchase
Tanya Melendez,

Curator of Education & Public programs The Museum at FIT, in Comme des Garçons

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