Cheng Cheng Huai Chuang FASHION Taiwanese designer

Backstage at Cheng-Huai Cheng’s Spring/Summer 2011 Show

Everyone knows that models have the sexiest jobs, and I hear that medical doctors come in a distant 2nd. I’m not going to med school anytime soon, so when I found out that my friend Cheng was looking for a model for his launch party, I jumped at the chance. I love his designs and I was excited. I went in to get my fitting and thought the dress was beautiful. But I admit I was nervous. Cheng advised me to practice! I wanted to do a good job for him. I even sought the advice of my friend (former Miss Panama) who used to teach models how to walk. Her tips: Be confident, walk like you usually do, don’t look at anyone, and practice!

5 pm: Call time @ Vig27 – As a 1st time model, I’m a bit nervous, (I practiced beforehand too!). I get tips from 2 hot full time models. Acacia: Keep your legs straight while walking! Autumn: Keep your shoulders back.
5:30: We watch Cheng’s video by Aurora Crowley. Amazing! Cheng asks us to do poses for 20 seconds. Emotional, but not too posey! And no smiling! Petite model Anna, also a UN delegate, is great at posing and suggests moving to the music. Another model, 6 foot tall, Irish Rose moves like a dancer while posing. I also meet the sweet and beautiful Tinnyse, Miss Bahamas 2008 & junior ambassador to The Bahamas for the United Nations.
6ish: Make Up Artist is here! We rehearse 2 times.
7pm – Food arrives! Guac, hummus, salad, dumplings. Who say models don’t eat? 2 plates of dumplings polished off – 60 seconds flat.
8pm – I’m the 2nd to last model to get make up. Yuhua Hamasaki does an amazing job on my eyes and gives me feathery lashes. They feel a little heavy! Next comes hair by Isaac Davidson and Matthew Doers. Hair pins, hair net, & Auburn wig teased to the max! And finally gorgeous black lace dress with 6 inch heels.
9pm – Show starts! Host Marti Equality Cummings sings and then introduces Cheng. We’re on. Everyone looks gorgeous in the beautiful dresses & outfits. We all strut and vogue. Lots of flashing photographer lights. The talented designer Cheng-Huai Chuang comes out to applause!
So overall, I learned that modeling is not easy. It’s important to look confident and practice, get feedback, and more practice! But above all, have fun while doing it!
To see more of Cheng-Huai Chuang’s new collection and video, click here.
Photos provided by Pedro Vasquez and Alice Chin.

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