Bernstein Display

A few weeks ago, I visited Bernstein Display Showroom.  The Mannequin showroom which is typically only available for retailers, was open to the public for a few days in the beginning of December. It was really interesting to see the the fun clothes, accessories, and wigs that adorned the mannequins.  Ronald Knoth, a professor at LIM College told me how the showrooms predict trends for the next season to remain competitive in the retail market.  I also met Jonathon Baker of RetailStoreWindows.com who traveled from London to visit the different mannequin showrooms.  At Bernstein Display,  female mannequins were dressed in sequined dresses and wore short bob wigs.  The venue was really elegant and a great place for Threads of Color  to hold their Fundraiser on January 11, 2011.  The Mannequin and Informal Fashion Presentation will  raise scholarship funds for fashion students and promote the global diversity of American Fashion Designers.  Some of the designers that will be represented include Tommy Hilfiger, Adrienne Landau, Tracey Reese, Carmen Marc Valvo and many more!

Want to see Bernstein Display Showroom in person?  Then you should attend the Fundraiser –
it’s only $20 for general admission! You can buy tickets at the Threads of Color site.

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