Threads of Color "Salute to America" Fashionable Fundraiser

This past Tuesday, I attended the Threads of Color “Salute to America” Fashionable Fundraiser at Bernstein Display. The non-profit organization held the fundraiser to raise money for scholarship funds for fashion students and to promote the global diversity of American Fashion Designers.   It was a wonderful event with over 20 designers represented from various ethnic backgrounds from the established to the emerging.   See my pictures of the event!

Left to Right: (Alice Chin, Iona Dunn Lee (Founder, Threads of Color), Jeff Ungoco, Tanya Tauthong, James Collins)

Legendary model Jany Tomba and scholarship winner LIM College Student Fallon Davis

Designer Cheng-Huai Chuang with model Deborah Fenker in his design.

 Guest speaker, Multi-jounalist Li Jing, and Paradise Hunter finalist, spoke about diversity.
Adrienne Landau
Anne Bowen Cape with amazing LaCrasia Gloves                                 More LaCrasia!

Vendor: Keokjay                                                                            Vendor: Cheetah Girls

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