Backstage at AsianinNY’s Lunar New Year Celebration Fashion Shows

This weekend, I helped out  at the AsianinNY.com Lunar New Year Celebration as one of the fashion show directors.   It was a lot of fun working with a great group of people.  Co-director, Xing Xu, designer of Kallisti, and and I worked with J Song Designer Way Zen to cast models and choose designs for the show.  Haruo Noro Salon stylists did a beautiful job with hair and makeup.  Jade Chiu Accessories put finishing touches.  JSong and Janet Zheng Menswear showed amazing collections.  Check out the backstage pics!

 YiLin Hsu, Xing Xu, Way Zen, and Alice
Everyone loves Happy Models
So Graceful
Janet Zheng Shoes

Janet Zheng’s Men


Haruo Noro Salon Stylist working on model’s hair

Models in JSong (L to R: Shirley Tan and Danni Wang)

Designer Janet Zheng putting last minute touches on model.

L to R: Karen Cheung, Way Zen, Louise Shull

Designer Janet Zheng and her men.  Truly Fierce!

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