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Ivanka Trump Jewelry and Ahalife.com Event

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Ivanka Trump Jewelry hosted a party with AhaLife.com.  In attendance were special guests, designer Ivanka Trump, TV Executive and Producer Wendi Murdoch, and multi-media journalist Li Jing.  Shauna Mei, the founder of AhaLife.com spoke about the one of a kind items from around the globe curated and selected by tastemakers.   

From L to R: (Wendi Murdoch, Li Jing, Shanua Mei and Ivanka Trump)
Some pieces for sale included an organic wood time piece by WeWood and curated by Lou Sagar. Another favorite of mine was the metal cage clutch by Anndra Neen curated by Lauren David Peden.  Wendi Murdoch, curated the Girl Up Bracelet  which was designed by Ivanka Trump.  
Love this clutch!
Li Jing, Wendi Murdoch, and I.
  When asked about Fashion Week, Wendi said she loves fashion but unfortunately is unable to attend because of her busy schedule.
With  Jason Campbell, Super Stylist (Wendi Murdoch is among his roster of clients) and founder of influential JCReport,   So Nice!
100% of proceeds from the Girl Up Bracelet sales benefit the United Nations Girl Up Campaign, which works to improve the lives of the world’s girls.  At a low price of $40 on AhaLife.com, it’s an affordable luxury and you get to help a girl in need!

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