Allegri Spring/Summer Presentation

I was recently invited to view the new Allegri collection and was impressed with the quality and variety of style offerings.  Allegri is an Italian outerwear company with a 40 year history that is known for their chic raincoats.  A popular feature for coats is the ability to wear the coats in multiple ways. Some men’s sport jackets had an inner lining that could be attached for a more casual look. Some coats were reversible, and one coat could even be worn four ways- turning into 2 vests or 2 coats.   The coat materials were very lightweight but with enough heft to make them durable.  I’m a fan of their raincoat that could be stored in a pouch.  I was surprised because it did not look like the usual flimsy ones that would tear after a few rainy days.  I also appreciated their sleek cashmere coats that were treated to be water resistant.  Allegri coats are available in major department stores in New York.  With rainy spring days coming, it seems like a worthy investment!

Men’s coats – loved the material

4 coats in 1!

Pretty blue hue!

This is actually wool!

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