Jakub Kollárik, a super nice photographer, who I met at L.A.M.B’s photographer’s pit this past fashion week, was kind enough to provide the fabulous photo of Gwen Stefani and her son for this blog entry.  He also gently nudged me to post a blog soon about L.A.M.B before the next Fashion Week sneaks up upon us. So please forgive me for not posting this sooner!  This was my 2nd L.A.M.B show, but the first one was a madhouse where I couldn’t see past the crowd in front of me.  This season’s show made up for my priorexperience because I felt like I saw 4 shows. Each segment was separated by horn blasts and a huge screen showing different scenes.  There was an abundance of patterns: tartan, checkered, stripes, animal print in varied styles and silhouettes.  The long dress with tartan print pair with tartan jacket in grey and burgundy was one of my favorite looks.  The outfit reminded me of the charm of catholic school girl uniforms but edgier and more mature.  The show began and ended with Gwen Stefani doppelgängers with beehives.   L.A.M.B designs, like Gwen Stefani, is the epitome of a grown-up rocker glam.

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