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The King Collective Sample Sale – Thursday 10/13 11am-6pm

I stopped by the King Collective’s sample yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see a few racks of current and past seasons of Ivana Helsinki along with some of their other designer pieces.  I had attended Ivana Helsinki’s show a few seasons ago and loved it – check out a pic from 2010 collection here. The King Collective is making space for their new collections, so the prices were at significant discount from wholesale prices.  If you have time today, you should definitely check it out!  There were plenty of unique pieces from a little black dress with fringed sleeves to a previous season’s sailor themed printed dress.

The King Collective is making room for the new collections headed our way!

One of a kind pieces at amazing prices
Ivana Helsinki
Pink Chicken

Thursday 10/13 11am-6pm

530 Seventh Avenue (38th St/39th St) , Level M1

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