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Kiboots – Handcrafted Kilim Boots

Have you ever walked down the street and noticed that everyone seems to be wearing the same pair of boots?  What if you could find a one of a kind piece, something that you can call your own special boot?  Kiboots, a young Netherlands based boot company uses a combination of leather and vintage kilim rugs to make unique boots for women and men.

Kilims are flat-woven rugs or carpets common in Southeast Europe,Turkey and Pakistan.  There are thousands of different colors and patterns which could include zigzags, diamond patterns and horizontal stripes.  I met one of the founders, Martijn Lugtigheid, who showed me some of their pieces at the Allure Lounge during fashion week.  I tried on and received a pair of Kiboots.  The one I chose was burgundy and had white and orange designs woven into it.  I love the fun color combinations and patterns.  They are perfect for the fall and are quite comfortable too!  The price for a pair of women’s boots is 179.95 Euro, which comes out to about $242, which is a very good deal (especially now).  You can order the shoes on the Kiboots website.

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