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Victor De Souza Fall/Winter 2012

The Victor de Souza Fall/Winter 2012 which was held at the trendy Bowery Terrace the Bowery Hotel Hotel, was full of lovely surprises.  The Argentina born designer’s collection began with elegant jackets or boleros paired with knee length skirts.

 The looks which were styled by celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster, at first glance, seemed prim and proper, with models accessorized with glasses, modest kitten heels, and hair styled in a high buns. 
However, upon inspection, the designs emphasized the female figure with hourglass shaped jackets and cutouts that offered seductive flashes of skin.  As the show progressed, there were more playful, revealing pieces in unexpected textures, such the rose-pink romper covered in silk embroidered flowers.   

The materials that were used, embroidered tulle, taffeta,  silk, wool crepe, silk organza, heightened the sense of luxury.  The color palette was simple, with neutral off-white, black,  champagne, rose-pink, earth green, and burgundy.  Victor De Souza’s looks reminded me of a  modern day Audrey Hepburn, the perfect combination of classic and sexy.

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