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Zang Toi Fall/Winter 2012 – Glamor at Gstaad

Zang Toi Fall/Winter 2012 – A friend of mine, who is a seasoned veteran of Fashion Week, rarely gets excited these days about attending fashion shows.  But one of the few shows that she always looks forward to with much anticipation is the Zang Toi show.  The Malaysia born designer’s shows did not fail to give a grand show again this season.  His inspiration this time was “Glamour at Gstaad”, a city in Switzerland where the women and men are strong an stylish.

With the soulful voice of Adele in the background, the show began with with a lush ivory fox fur coat over a ivory french lace mini dress. Following that piece were dresses and suits in luxurious wool, angora, velvet and Loro Piana cashmere. The color palette moved from neutral ivory and black to brilliant ruby.   The men’s suits were dapper and dramatic. One of the outstanding looks was a silk satin smoking robe in brilliant brush strokes. There was a collective murmur and then clapping in the audience when models walked down the runway in brilliant brush strokes silk satin and organza gowns. The gowns were adorned with jewelry by Precious Jewellery by Amee Philips. After the grand finale of a fabulous organza ball gown with  crystal encrusted one-shoulder trail, the entire room stood up for a standing ovation.  Whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or new to the fashion world, Zang Toi’s are a feast for the senses.
Coming soon – My interview video with Zang Toi for 

Black + Ivory Clarence House SIlk Velvet Zebra Mini Storm Coat, Black handloomed cashmere silk zipped ribbed turtleneck + velvet leggings

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