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NYC Vegetarian Festival

I’ve considered becoming a vegetarian for a while, and after recently reading ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Safran Froer, I took the plunge for both health and ethical reasons.  I went to the NY Vegetarian Food Festival and learned about some interesting and delicious food options.  If you’re interested in seeing what vegetarian/vegan foods are available, you should definitely attend. Here are some of the highlights from the festival.

Daiya –  I’m not vegan, but if I were, one of the foods I would crave is Cheese.  I tried Daiya’s pepperjack style shreds and was impressed by the texture and taste.  It really tasted like cheese, and not a cheese product, like velveeta.  But make note – this is not a low calorie option!

Sheffa – Savory Bar – I was so happy to find these savory snack bars, because although I like sweet snack bars, there’s so much sugar in them.  These Sheffa savory bars are available in sesame, everything, spicy, and rosemary flavors.  They’re made with a blend of whole grains, chickpeas, and were spiced to perfection. They’re also high in protein, low in sodium, and no cholesterol – the ideal healthy snack!


Fruit Bliss – Dried Figs, Apricots, Prunes, with no preservatives.  Need I say more?
Caviart This “caviar” made from seaweed was really interesting.  I liked the texture, but I thought the flavors were a bit strong.  I did enjoy eating the “salmon roe”.  It was very similar in texture and provided that burst of flavor when I bit into it. 

Sweet & Sarah’s Vegan Marshmallows – For those of you who don’t know – Marshallows contain gelatin which is derived from ground up pork bone/skin.  Thankfully, we have vegan options, such as Sweet & Sarah’s marshmallows – they’re virtually indistinguishable from “regular” marshmallows.

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