Tamar Daniel Womenswear

Tamar Daniel Fall 2012 Collection Preview

I recently attended a cocktail party featuring Tamar Daniel’s Fall 2012 Collection at Lifestyle Trimco.  The Israeli-British-American designer has previously designed for Topshop and Anthropologie before launching her namesake collection.  The pieces are “low maintenance, high style”, machine washable and packable.  The designer’s inspiration for the fall season is her mother’s pottery and it is evident in the warm colors and silhouettes.  The fabrics used ranged from soft jersey to textured and fine cashmere with flattering draping and also more structured looking pieces.  Tamar described her line as a collection for the working girl who is on the go.  The pieces are versatile and can be mixed and matched and are perfect for transition from the office to a cocktail party.  To see more of Tamar Daniel’s designs, check out her website.

Designer Tamar Daniel
Fall collection inspiration: Pottery by designer’s mother

A guest wearing Tamar Daniels Design

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