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TC Charton – Asian Fit Eyewear

Looking for sunglasses has always been a painstaking project for me.  It’s hard to find the right shape to fit my face well.  Sunglasses wind up being to big for my face or slide down the bridge of my nose.  I found out about TC Charton during fashion week and had the opportunity to try them on and really loved the fit.  TC Charton is sleek, modern and timeless all at once.  The idea behind each frame design is based on distinctive American style with careful consideration of the colors and styles that best complement Asian features.

I met designer Alexandra Peng who hand picked some glasses and was kind enough to give me a sample.  ”I grew up believing there was something wrong with my face because nothing fit,” said Peng. “But just like you would never send a petite person to shop at the big and tall store, I realized the glasses were just never made to fit my features.” Alexandra Peng spent more 16 years in the optical industry, designing eyewear for luxury brands and seeing them through from conception to production, before finally starting her
own Asian Fit Eyewear line, TC Charton.  “I want to be able to reach out to as many Asian Americans as possible,” said Peng. “I want them to know there’s an eyewear collection designed from the ground up, with them in mind,” said Peng.  To learn more about TC Charton, visit their website here.

With Designer Alexandra Peng


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