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Experience Korean TempleStay and Temple Foods

I attended the Experience Korean Temple Stay at Astor Wine recently.  Korean Templestay is a cultural-experience program designed to help people understand Korean Buddhism better. Templestays offer various kinds of practicing methods such as Yebul (ceremonial service involving chanting), Chamseon (Zen meditation), Dado (tea ceremony) and Baru Gongyang (communal Buddhist meal service). Participants can find their ‘true self’ amongst the harmony of nature while staying at a temple in Korea.  But a highlight of the program, especially for foodies or vegetarians is the buddhist temple food, which was quite delicious.  We were served a delicious meal, made only from vegetables and I was surprised by the textures and flavors of the food, and felt very satisfied after the meal.  I imagine that staying at a peaceful temple, you would appreciate the food even more.  To learn more about Korean Templestay, visit eng.templestay.com

Unfermented Green Tea
Dried Potatoes, Seaweed chips, and Fruit Chips
Ancient Buddhist Scripture

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