Natural Skin Care Jurlique introduces whitening and anti agingproducts

I recently attended a launch event at natural skin care company, Jurlique, located at Madison Avenue to learn about their new line of whitening and anti-aging products.  Jurlique is a 25 year old company started by a German couple, who bought a 153 acre farm in South Australia  to produce the purest natual and organic ingredients for their skin care products.  Jurlique uses advanced technolofies to create potent high-performance skin care products.  No insecticide is used at the *biodynamic farm and everything is hand picked.  Garlic is planted between rosebushes because they prevent aphids from attacking the roses.  Bees are also raised on the farm to produce honey as an ingredient.
 The Purely Brightening products improve skin by smoothing the skin tone and lightening spots.  Jurlique understands the unique needs of its Asian American clientele and has created innovative collections to address their priorities.  To learn more about Jurlique products, visit http://www.jurlique.com.

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