Chateau La Gironie Monzabillac 2009 Cheese and Wine Tasting Fairway Market and Steak House Feistyfoodie food and wine Joshua Wesson Moscato Saracco 2011 Steven Jenkins wine

Fairway Market & Steak House Cheese and wine Tasting

Thanks to the FeistyFoodie, I had a 3 course meal with a tasting of 6 wines and 9 cheeses at Fairway Market Cafe and Steak house. The head cheesemonger, Steven Jenkins, and the head sommelier, Joshua Wesson, of Fairway Markets gave a great explanation of the different cheese and wines.  We sampled a selection of cow cheeses and sheep cheeses.  The sheep cheese had more complex and sharper flavors while the cow cheeses were more mild in flavor.  I learned that soft cheese have less fat than hard cheeses.  I also sampled a few red and white wines. Chateau La Gironie Monzabillac 2009, a sweet white wine that was very pleasant. My favorite was the sweet and bubbly Saracco 2011 Moscato.  It was so light and refreshing, that I could imagine myself sipping it during the hot summer.

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