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New York Wine Expo 2013

I attended the sixth annual New York Wine Expo recently at the Javitz Center.  It was a fantastic event with over 500 wines from around the globe, including Europe, the Mediterranean, South American and South Africa.  It can be a little overwhelming with all the different regions and varieties.  However, the sections nicely labeled by region.  One of the wines from South Africa that I tried was produced by The House of Mandela, the family of Nelson Mandela.  It had a pleasant fruity flavor which was not overpowering, which I enjoyed.  See below for more wines that I tasted.  

Everyone knows cheese and wine go together.  The rich and creamy Cambozola Black Label cheeses were a perfect match with the wines that we drank.  My favorite was the truffle flavored cheese.

A pleasant, soft and sweet Riesling by Hosmer.

A regional New York favorite: Ice Wine

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