Asian FASHION With Scotland With Love

With Scotland With Love "The Scottish Lion Meets the Asian Dragon Fashion Show"

I recently attend  From Scotland With Love‘s Cocktail Party and Fashion Show Fundraiser on April 8, 2013 at Stage 48. (605 W. 48th St, NY, NY).

Their annual charity event raised money for  The Wounded Warrior Project., which provides aid and support to injured service members.  This year, AsianinNY was honored to be one of the media sponsors of the Scottish and Asian fusion themed fashion show, “The Scottish Lion Meets The Asian Dragon”. Here is a glimpse of the fabulous evening through the eyes of our AsianinNY reporters!

Celebrity guests, designers, models, and television personalities posed on the red carpet for photos dressed in Scottish and or Asian accented designs. AsianinNY reporter Alice Chin spoke to Megan Ory, of Once Upon a Time on ABC, who was excited to walk her first runway show modeling for Vivienne Westwood. When asked whether she was nervous, she said having her husband by her side kept her from feeling nervous. She had also practiced her walk before the show and received tips from her model friends.

On the other hand, the beautiful Kelly Hu, former model and actress, felt slightly nervous because it had been while since she had walked a show. Kelly had just finished filming in Vancouver, and is currently shoot for a show called Arrow, among her many projects.  

Designer Chloe Chen also posed on the carpet and told us how she was inspired by the Chinese garden window for one of her pieces.

As you walked around Stage 48,  you could see guests wearing a mix of Scottish kilts, Asian embroidered clothing, or Scottish plaid. One guest wore a black leather kilt decorated with an Asian dragon designed by his sister-in-law, designer Meredith Lockhart, whose designs were part of the show. Guests sipped on special drinks with scotch while being served hors d’oeurves of smoked salmon salsa and stir-fry in a mini take-out boxes. Jars full of Scottish chocolate caramel wafer were placed strategically at the bars for those craving sweets.


The fashion show kicked off with hosts Chairman Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll and Vice-Chairman Mr. Peter Morris introducing two representatives of the theme, an adorable lion-like Chow-Chow, followed by traditional dragon dancers. 

Gorgeous singer Baiyu Chen then captivated the audience with her soulful rendition of a Scottish melody. Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll and Mr. Peter Morris introduced special guest, Sargent Dan Nevins (ret.) US Army, a US Army paratrooper who had lost both his legs as a result of an IED in Iraq. He is now an executive with the Wounded Warrior Project.

Over 40 designers were represented in the show and plenty of stars modeled including athlete Steve Weatherword and Good Morning America anchor Josh Elliot. Some of the well known Asian designers who contributed their designs to the show included Zang Toi, Vivienne Tam, Chloe Chen and Grace Chen. 

Zang Toi walked the show wearing a velvet black kilt of his own design, while the first Asian supermodel Ling Tan twirled in a dramatic House of Toi tartan gown. The most exciting part of the show for AsianinNY reporter, Linda Nguyen, was to see special guest Arun Manilal Gandhi (Gandhi’s frandson) walk the down the runway stage wearing a special peace kilt .  

Also among the models included the beautiful Miss Scotland, Nicole Treacy, who looked ravishing in a red.  

Midway through the show, Sarina Suno, the “Violin Diva” treated both the eyes and ears with her stunning looks and her passionate and energetic violin playing.

AsianinNY reporter Keen Lee’s favorite pieces from the show included a black velvet dress with a silver phoenix print and a purple dress with a silver dragon print. While Linda really liked the amazing hoods from Chouchou.  

Models also wore pieces from Han Couture, featuring traditional, flowing Chinese pieces. The models looked elegant while walking down the runway carrying lotus flowers. 

Models let their personalities shine as they strutted down the runway with attitude and grace. Some even ripped their tees and playfully flashed their kilts. Each piece was creatively designed and fashionable, while keeping in mind the theme of the Scottish kilt, plaid pattern and Asian accent. The show closed with a special appearance by Kelly Hu.

The night ended with an auction to fundraise for this very important cause. It was fantastic to see the many special guests who came to support and to enjoy the night with us. We almost forgot it was a fashion show because everyone was having so much fun doing their “thang” up there! It was a night to remember!

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