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JSong and …Way Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

The JSong and …Way Spring/Summer 2014 collection of easy-to-wear pieces in vibrant colors and flattering silhouettes, showed that comfort is not a compromise to style.

The color palette was a splendid and full of pretty pastels and bright colors, with appealing names that conjured up images of springtime picnics like green apple, honey yellow, and butter yellow.
JSong and ...Way Spring 2014 Collections
Here are some highlights from the show:
JSong and ...Way Spring 2014 Collections
The show began with a models in bold contrasting navy linen pantsuit and skirt suit with ice blue geometric stitching.
Next came some everyday looks, such as a versatile pleated surplice top that could be worn as front or back.
Layered pieces followed in a bright pink and pastel chiffon top paired with pastel pink chiffon A-line skirt and a layered citrus green & light green chiffon top with grass green classic linen pants.
JSong and ...Way Spring 2014 Collections
Draped chiffon dresses in cream were pretty and romantic, as well as elongating to the figure.
We then traveled back in time for mod and chic look in the form of a orange multi color block dress and orange multi color block top paired with white pants.

One of the showstoppers was a white circle lace pillow tunic paired with beige linen embroidered with white geometric stitching, an unexpected but beautiful combination.
JSong and ...Way Spring 2014 Collections
The show ended with an elegant long sleeved red lace dress that was reminiscent of the wedding gown worn by Duchess of Cambridge.
JSong and ...Way Spring 2014 Collections
JSong and …Way showed a lovely collection of their signature embroidery and linen pieces, both feminine and wearable.
Article written by Alice Chin, also posted on 247feature.com and AsianinNY.com
Photo credit Emily Cheng/AsianinNY.com

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