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Stefano Ricci Fashion Show at Art Week Style.Uz 2013

Luxury Italian menswear brand, Stefano Ricci, held their first fashion show in Uzbekistan at the Tashkent Circus during Art Week Style.Uz 2013.  

Photo Credit: Alice Chin

Flexible acrobats gracefully climbed and dangled at precarious positions from cloth ropes before the show began dramatically with a string of dashing models, ranging from age 30 – 60, wearing fur trimmed jackets and displaying live falcons on their arms.

Photo Credit: Style.Uz
The rest of the show was just as opulent with impeccably tailored suits, topcoats trimmed with fur, and crocodile skin hooded jackets.  Models were accessorized with fedoras, leather bags, fur hats and fur boots.

Photo Credit: Alice Chin
Photo Credit: Alice Chin

Interspacing the different looks, were increasingly spectacular performances by the cirque du soleil, a fire eater, and a trio of horsemen galloping at full speed around the circus.
 After attending my fair share of fashion shows in New York City, I was completely blow away by all aspects of the show: the lavishness of the designs, the over-the-top performances, the theatrical music, and of course, the models.

Photo Credit: Alice Chin
Photo credit: Style.Uz
Photo Credit: Style.Uz
The Stefano Ricci company was founded in 1972 by Florentine designer Stefano Ricci. Passionate about ties, he decided to create his own designs at a very young age.  His creations were immediately received enthusiastically when he first participated in the Pitti Immagine Uomo fashion exhibition in Florence. 
The first Stefano Ricci shirt collection was launched in 1980.  In order to achieve a quality as high as the coveted Stefano Ricci tie, the new venture applied the same successful rules: perfect manufacturing, top quality materials and exclusive designs, all 100% Made in Italy. The brand stands out for its natural shape of particular lightness, softness and wearability. The Stefano Ricci menswear collection consists of a wide range of menswear-suits, dress shirts, jeans, polo shirts, casual wear and neckties.
With Designer Stefano Ricci

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