China China Movie Channel Cissy Wong 汪詩詩 甄子丹 Donnie Yen Hong Kong Miriam Yeung NY Chinese Film Festival NYC Paramount Sid Ganis Transformers 4 Wu XiuBo 吴秀波 楊千嬅

4th New York Chinese Film Festival Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony

The 4th New York Chinese Film Festival kicked off at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tuly Hall.  Actor/Director Vivian Zhao Wei, Singer/Actor Miriam Yeung, Action Star Donnie Yen, Wu XiuBo (Finding Mr. Right), Larry Yang (Director, Sorry I love you), Wesley Wong, Vivian Dawson 錦榮 and Jade Lin were among those who walked the star studded red carpet.

Vivian Zhao Wei
Chinese heartthrob, actor Wu Xiu Bo
Hong Kong Singer/Actor Miriam Yeung and husband Real Ting
Beautiful Couple: Action Star Donnie Yen 甄子丹 and Wife Cecilia Cissy Wong 汪詩詩

Wesley Wong (Sorry, I Love You)
Cast of ‘Sorry, I Love You’
Paramount president of marketing and distribution, Megan Colligan and Lindsey Bayman, senior vice president of the Business Affairs Department at Paramount Pictures.
Opening remarks were made by Ambassador Sun Guoxiang, Sid Ganis, Director of the American Association of Independent Film, one of the co-chairs of the festival, and Jia Qi, Vice President of Chinese Movie Channel, Alan Chow of CAAC, and Kate Lin, one of the producers of the New York Chinese Film Festival.
Opening Remarks by Ambassador Sun Guoxiang

According to Mr. Ganis, 12 new screens are being built in China everyday to accommodate the demand for Chinese moviegoers.  Every year, there are more collaborations between American and Chinese film productions, including upcoming Transformers 4, which was partly filmed in China.  Chinese movies of today are sensational and fine works of storytelling.  

Opening Remarks by Sid Ganis.

 Film is just another way to bring the Chinese culture closer to the American shore.  His message to all of us New Yorkers is to spread the word.  Watch and learn, from each other.

Smiling Miriam Yeung, Vivian Zhao Wei and Kate Lin

Jia Qi, Vice President of Chinese Movie Channel
Director Larry Yang with cast if ‘Sorry, I Love You’
Vicky Zhao Wei answers questions after Opening Film ‘So Young’

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