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The Village Voice Holiday Spirits Event At Studio Square, LIC

The holiday season…the perfect time to gather with loved ones and overindulge in foods rich in sugar/butter/lard/salt and beverages of the alcoholic variety.  The Village Voice Holiday Spirits Tasting Event at Studio Square, Long Island City, Queens, NY, was the perfect place to sample a multitude of spirits to warm your hearts and stomach.

My favorites were definitely the drinks that were sweet, spicy, or served warm. Scorpion Mezcal mixed with Abuelita hot chocolate and bit of cinnamon…yes, please!  Another favorite was the Southern Hooch, which was Ole Smoky Apple Pie Moonshine and sweet tea.   

 I also really enjoyed Mahia, a Spirit distilled from figs and aniseed.   And since I can’t refuse dessert, I ate a few servings of the Root liqueur poached pear sundae presented by Whole Foods, one of the sponsors.  The event was a lot of fun, with a live jazz band and dj playing fun music.  I would definitely love to go again next year!

Root Liquer Pached Pear Sundae…Yum!
Mezcal with Hot Chocolate…a Winner!

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