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Melting Kazan: Faces of Uzbekistan

During my recent trip to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, I visited the Tashkent House of Photography and saw an interesting exhibit by Stanislov Magay, featuring portraits of young people in Tashkent of different ethnicities.  Since Uzbekistan used to be part of the silk road, it is a fascinating country with a diverse population.  I was told that I could be a local.  It’s nice to be able to visit a country that feels foreign and at the same time still be able to blend in.
Left: Jew, Korean, Russian, Tatar, Sikh.  Center: Russian Uzbek, Tajik, Korean.  Right: Ukrainian, Tatar
Left: Syrian arab, French, Kurd, Russian    Right: Vietnamese, French
Left: Russian, Chinese, Don Cossack.  Center: Kuban cossack, Rossian, Pole.  Right: Russian, Tatar, Azeri, Ukrainian, Pole, Georgian.

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