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Ishikawa Arts Now at Japan Society: February 11 – February 14

Ishikawa Arts Now, a juried display of traditional and modern craft, art, and design products, organized by the Ishikawa Prefectural Government of Japan, held a reception and opening preview at the Japan Society on the evening of Feb 10th, 2014.  The display from Ishikawa Arts Now, runs through February 14th at the Japan Society (free admission), located at 333 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017.

Kutani Hand-painted Incense Burner, Porcelain by Toide Masahiko
In attendance were Koichiro Eno (Director of Ishikawa Prefecture Department, JETRO New York), Celebrity Chef Michael Romano (Ambassador of Culture and Fine Dining of Ishikawa Prefecture), Museum of Arts and Design curators David McFadden and Ron Labaco.  

Urushi Rider’s Helmet “Phoenix” by Kaba Jikichi Lacquerware Company
Opening Remarks were made by Mr. Eno and Mr. Jun Ishihara, Consul for the General Consulate of Japan in New York.  MAD’s Mr. McFadden spoke briefly about the 19 pieces that were selected by Mr. Labaco and Mr. McFadden.  He lauded the highly trained artists who fuse modern and traditional art, keeping the old crafts alive and new.  

One of the artists, whose piece was selected for the juried display was artist Yuki Nakamura, who created “Universal Collection_24”, made a special appearance. 

The artist traveled from Ishikawa prefecture for the event.  Yuki Nakamura’s ability to collect random bits of shell, wood, and bone fuse them together with sap-derived lacquer never results in anything less than magical.  Once the piece has been traditionally lacquered and polished, its organic lines reflect the flow of all living things.

You can shop select craft at or contact Alice Chin
Left to Right: Mr. Koichiro, Director of Ishikawa Prefecture Department, JETRO New York, Mr. Ron Labaco, Ms. Dana Galbreath, Mr. David McFadden, Mr. Shinichi Doi, Lauren Scharf , Evelyn Teploff Mugii, and Alice Chin 

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