(UN)Fair Art Show Art Modern NYC

(UN)Fair Show

Does the thought of Art make you quiver in fear? THE(UN)FAIR exhibition promises an exciting art experience–at once fun, wondrous, thought-provoking, and maybe even surprising. THE(UN)FAIR returns for its second year at 500 West 52nd St. 4th Fl in midtown Manhattan from March 5–9, 2014. This art-filled extravaganza, was established to celebrate passion rather than fashion!

Tracy Snelling’s fun grown-up version of the nostalgic grade school dioramas. You can’t tell in the photo, but some of the windows in the building had videos of some very adult situations going on…I felt a bit voyeuristic.

Tracy Snelling – Bad Girl, mixed media

Tracy Snelling – Drift Liquors, mixed media

 THE(UN)FAIR rekindles the guerilla-style art show amidst the bustle of Armory Arts Week, exhibiting paintings and sculptures from both established and emerging artists,
along with a dynamic mix of installation, performance, and participatory art. Created and produced jointly by James & Jennifer Wallace, co-founders of nAscent Art New York, and renowned artist Mikel Glass, the theme for THE(UN)FAIR 2014 is “Exploring the Divide.” 
Mindful of the current climate of political and social polarization, co-curators Jennifer and Mikel will invite attendees to consider connections and divisions present among both artistic styles and society as a whole, all while in an engaging atmosphere. 
A human “slug” traversing down the hallway

The “slugs” converge and prepare to dance
Will Kurtz – Lemar, wood, wire, newspaper, tape, glue, matte medium, dog collar

Zezziou – American iDolls, oil on canvas

Zezziou – Bjorn identity, oil on canvas
With Ben and Jerry of Ben and Jerry Ice Cream!
Art Jird: Hotbox, gerbils and mixed media
Jerry Meyer – Self Winding Guilt

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