Malan Breton Spring/Summer 2015: A Journey to Taiwan

This season’s Malan Breton show, A Journey to Taiwan, was inspired by the Aborigine people of Taiwan.  The  runway was lined with Chinese zithers and the show opened with a lively Aborigine Taiwanese dance performance with dancers wearing bright, colorful  costumes.  
The show was a parade of elegant gowns and stylish suits made of satin silk floral brocade in vibrant hues. 
  I especially loved the brilliant red jacket and sleeveless tunic for women.  Bathing suits  were also included in the lineup, one with a floral wrap.   

Men’s suits came in an array of intense colors and patterns and are definitely meant for men who are not shy about getting attention.  The violet and black floral shirt and suit for men was a favorite of mine. 
Midway through the show, a troupe played music on the Chinese zithers, which really enhanced the feeling of being in a faraway land, and it felt like I was watching a rainbow of exotic birds from Asia. 

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