Art Metro Show NYC Sculpture

Metro Curates 2015 Show at The Metropolitan Pavilion

The Metro Curates Show 2015 held at The Metropolitan Pavilion (Jan 21 – 25) is one of my favorite shows to attend.  It is definitely one of the must-see art shows for its unique and interesting pieces.  I attended the preview last night and noticed a few themes in the pieces that attracted my attention:  animals, nature, wearable objects and accessories, and bright colors!  Some of the pieces were ancient, thousands of years old while others were modern, but all had great stories behind them!

The first booth that caught my attention was Adelson Galleries, Boston (Booth 216) featuring Colombian artist Federico Uribe who uses unconventional materials to make his objects, such as color pencils, books, forks, and bullets!
Colombian Artist Federico Uribe
I fell in love with a pair of ceramic poodles by the late artist Kirk Mangus (Booth #104 Mindy Solomon Gallery of Miami)
Eva Kwong with Juneau (white poodle) and D’Artaguan (black poodle) by Kirk Mangus

 I met the artist’s wife, Eva Kwong, who told me that the poodles were a source of entertainment for her children and their classmates who enjoyed hugging and climbing the sturdy sculptures.  They are easy to care for too, just wash with soap and rinse!  
A side profile of Juneau
Ceramic sculptures by Kirk Mangus (Mindy Solomon Gallery of Miami)
(Mindy Solomon Gallery of Miami)
Coronet from Yoruba Culture, Nigeria (Douglas Dawson, Chicago)
Coronet from Yoruba Culture, Nigeria (Douglas Dawson, Chicago)
Yoruba Culture, Nigeria.  Gail Martin Gallery
Young Boys’ Hats, Turkey 17th century, Gail Martin Gallery
Ceremonial Piece, Gail Martin Gallery
Young Woman’s Skirt, Iraqwa People, Tanzania, Early 20th Century (Gail Martin Gallery)
I could spend so much time looking at these intricate and colorful “dresses” by Jane Lund (Forum Gallery NYC).  The artist is also originally from Queens, NY!  She assembles collected objects to create the pieces and incorporates self portraits into some of her work.
Garden Dress, 2012 by Jane Lund (Forum Gallery, NYC)
Dress by Jane Lund (Forum Gallery, NYC)

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